These are a few places I like to visit on the web when I am not at the sewing machine. Hey, has anyone invented a computer sewing machine yet? You know, like the bicycles at the gym with the screen attached?
LINKS - This is my hubby's site. If any of you costumers like to go muddin' ,check this out. We have a great time driving off-road and getting dirty. I just haven't been able to figure out a way of working in the costume thing with this very manly sport.

~ - My Mom has some really beautiful beadwork. This is her insanity, just like I have mine.

~ - Little brother all grown up. He has his hands in quite a few things these days. If you have an interest in movies cable tv check him out.

~ - Our local library with a great librarian who will go amazing lengths to find me all those oddball research books.

~ - Peterboro, New York. Great history check it out.

~ - Really interesting religious history and also part of the womens reform dress history.

Now that I have finished with the family and friends - on to the costume stuff.

~ - This a really great site. The amount of material is astounding. I even have been linked to her site under reform dress.

~ - Another great research site

~ - Beautiful stuff from Venice, Italy

~ - This woman has the best site for antique and vintage textiles. Her descriptions are fun to read to.

~ - THE Elizabethan Costuming site. Anything you need to know about Elizabethan style dress.

~ - great site! Beautiful work. I check it every week for the up-dates.

~ - 19th century dress reform in pictures. Lots of Bloomer links.

There are so many good site on the web. I would be here for days and never scratch the surface. Most of what you might look for can be found in the above sites. I am always looking for another good link. Send them to me but PLEASE only if it is pertaining to costume.