The Laughter of Children on Halloween Night
This is My Little Stuffed Monster. I made him from a set of green sweats, felt and some yarn. I used a third sweatshirt to make the hood and tail. Gave him some ears, horns, spikes on his back and a blue mohawk. His only scary feature was the temper tantrums of a two year old. 
Here's Jack Hammer. If you have small boys around you know the Rescue Heroes. This was my son's favorite toy. His sweatshirt had extra muscles and the helmet had a communicator just like the toy. The jackhammer was made from coffee cans painted yellow with duct tape and orange tape.
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My son wanted to be "Tom" of "Tom and Jerry". Yup, that's Jerry on the bag.
Come on you just gotta say it. Awww, ain't he cute. This is Smokey the fire dog. Another Rescue Hero to go with Jack Hammer up there.